📥Liquidity Bootstrapping

Phase 1: Invite the farmers

Airdrop of 11,000,000 DIP as additional incentives to early liquidity providers.

As a reward for early adoptors and contributors to DIP ecosystem, DIP will incentivize liquidity providers through liquidity bootstrapping event.

Liquidity Providers are asked to deposit only ETH and USDC to Snr, Mezz, Jnr DLP pools, and ETH or DIP/ETH LP.


Liquidity providers are invited to deposit funds into any of the four pools.

  • DIP/ETH LP on Sushiswap V3

  • Snr DLP

  • Mezz DLP

  • Jnr DLP

Total of 11,000,000 DIP will be airdropped across 6 weeks, rewarding the highest to Jnr DLP and the lowest to Snr DLP. It's important to note that deposits are locked for the duration of this event.

Note 1,000,000 DIP will be rewarded to Early Birds during the deposit period and 10,000,000 DIP during the lockup period (LBP).

Depending on the pool, the locked LP's will receive trading fee rewards and daily DIP incentives.

LPDaily DIP IncentiveFee Distribution



Earn ETH and DIP


Fees earned in Snr DLP and DIP


Fees earned in Mezz DLP and DIP


Fees earned in Jnr DLP and DIP

With the trade mining program scheduled to take place simultaneously, we expect this event to be one of the highest yield generating event for LP's.


  • Lockup duration: Max. 6 weeks

  • Deposits Open: August 15th 2023 2pm UTC

  • Deposits Close: August 29th 2023 2pm UTC

  • Lockup period ends: September 26th 2023 2pm UTC

  • Total DIP allocation: 11,000,000 DIP

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