👯Trade Mining Program

Phase 2: Reward the traders

Similar to how the liquidity providers are rewarded for being early, DIP will also incentivize traders during the first month through Trader Incentive Program. Traders are rewarded EXP per $1 fee paid which is automatically converted to DIP on a daily basis. The EXP/DIP rate is set daily at 2pm UTC.


For every $1 fee paid in long/short or swaps:

  • The trader is rewarded with 1 EXP.

Trader incentives are paid for the following actions:

  • Executing a Swap

  • Opening or increasing the size of a Leverage Trade position

  • Closing or decreasing the size of a Leverage Trade position

  • Having Leverage Trade position liquidated

  • Borrowing fees paid


RewardsReserve Pool


100,000 DIP rewarded on a daily basis


  • Let's assume Alice and Bob are the only traders that transacted within 24 hours.

  • Alice opens a 10x leveraged long position on STG with 10,000 USDC collateral.

  • The long position equates to 100,000 USDC trade incurring 100 USDC trading fee.

  • Alice receives 100 EXP for the trade.

  • Bob opens a 6x leveraged short positon on ETH with 10,000 USDC collateral.

  • The short position equates to 60,000 USDC trade incurring 60 USDC trading fee.

  • Bob receives 60 EXP for the trade.

  • A pool of 100,000 DIP is rewarded for Alice and Bob to claim after 24 hours of the trade.

  • Alice receives 62.5% of the pool, receiving 62,500 DIP.

  • Bob receives 37.5% of the pool, receiving 37,500 DIP.

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