🛎️DIP ERC20 English Auction

Enhancing liquidity of DIP

Initially, 10% of total supply of DIP is expected to be held and vested to the DAO Treasury. Given the DAO Treasury's function is to provide liquidity to both DIP and DLP tokens, DIP Exchange plans to disclose and provide opportunities to investors that wish to take further exposure in DIP and contribute to the DAO Treasury. Any proceeds of sale is held in the DAO treasury and controlled by DGT stakers. The funds are set aside to insure the liquidity pools in the case of default and to provide constant supply of DIP liquidity.

It is expected to be sold through ERC20 English Auction system to the public and to strategic investors who wish to take vested exposure in the DIP Ecosystem.

DIP ERC20 English Auction

A ERC20 English auction is a type of auction optimized for ERC20. The auctioneer can set the highest and lowest prices for the auction, and the auction will start at the lowest price, gradually increasing based on the number of auctioned tokens. The auction will not end until the sale is completed or the closing time is reached.

DIP ERC20 English Auction details are as follows:

  • Bid Asset: USDC

  • Starting Price (Lowest Price): Preset by DIP DAO.

  • Highest Price: Preset by DIP DAO

  • Auction Price: Current price of purchase (the earlier you participate, the lower the price).

  • Auction Close: Within 24 hours or when sold out.

  • Distribution: 24 hours after the auction begins.

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