💸DGT Token

DGT is the governance token of DIP Exchange

Token Name: DIP Governance Token

Token Ticker: DGT

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Token Generation Event: November 1st 2023 2:00 PM UTC

Contract Address: 0xE2986FD09A8c1d698EC50bD31F155e165C241D12

DGT Token is a governance token that governs the DAO Treasury. DIPʻs vision and motto is to make the DAO Treasury as transparent and fully controlled by the community.

DGT will undergo a fair launch after the Launch. There is no pre-mine and pre-allocation. All users and community members, including DIP team, will be required to earn or purchase at the fair launch date.

Benefits of DGT

  • Stake to earn LP tokens. 10% of protocol revenue is rewarded to DGT stakers in LP tokens.

  • Voting for/against DAO proposals

  • Redeeming DGT for portion of the DAO Treasury on a fortnightly basis (burn DGT - get X% of the DAO Treasury)

How to earn DGT

DGT Allocations


DIP Stakers



Dutch Auction



DGT Distribution Schedule

  • DIP Stakers are rewarded DGT tokens on daily. DGT tokens are vested linearly across 4 years.

  • Dutch Auction is conducted on an adhoc basis where users can participate through Bounce Finance.

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