The DIP DAO serves as the Asset Manager and strategic decision-maker for the platform, aiming to maintain a truly permissionless and decentralized environment while prioritizing the long-term interests of its community. Operating in a democratic and transparent manner, the DIP DAO assumes the role of overseeing strategic matters for DIP Exchange, with the governance token DGT facilitating governance within the platform.

DAO Proposal can be made on Snapshot.

The DAO will determine all platform fees, trading incentives, and staking rewards. Here are the salient points of DIP governance:

  • All expenditures, including development, must be submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  • Treasury functions, partnerships, and incentive programs must be submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  • Anyone can petition the DAO to engage new contributors (advisors, community members, professionals) if it is in the interest of the majority.

  • The DAO will propose, control, and approve trading fees, fee distribution, the listing of additional crypto assets, integration of new asset classes (forex, indices, synthetics, commodities, etc.), cross-chain expansion opportunities, and other features that are integral to the platform's success.

  • As DIP Exchange grows, security topics will become of growing importance. A bug bounty program and security audits are the cornerstones of operational security.

  • The DAO will also address other topics or matters that are of operational and/or strategic importance.

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