• The solution to the uncertainty surrounding how funds are organized is simple: disclose all information. This includes fees, treasury, salaries, and product offerings. DIP Exchange aims to be the most transparent project in the industry, explaining every step we take and ultimately decided upon by the DIP DAO.

  • Governance, and fair governance at that, is something that every Web3.0 player is looking for. At DIP Exchange, despite the centralization risk of using oracles for product pricing, we aim to be one of the most decentralized applications in the market. Through the fair launch of DGT and community-driven governance, DIP's sole mission is to ensure the longevity of the project and bring innovation to the perpetual trading space.

  • DIP Exchange has taken into account any exploits on projects that the team has used as inspiration or reference, and has received a code audit.

  • DIP V2 aims to be the platform that enables the creation of perpetual trading for any asset by anyone. Similar to how you would provide liquidity on DeFi protocols, project founders and liquidity providers will be able to freely create their own liquidity pools with trade constraints. While this concept has not yet been implemented or tried out before, DIP believes that it will be a powerful tool for project founders to enhance liquidity and seek yield, and for traders to find ways to make directional bets.


  • The solution for avoiding default risk is simple: do not use centralized exchanges (CEXs) and trust the code instead.

  • DIP Exchange aims to have deep liquidity, provided by liquidity providers who act as the counterparty. Additionally, trading is facilitated without any price impact, allowing you to execute significant trades without moving the market.


  • DIP has a dual tokenomics system where tokens are both backed and generate real yield. Both DIP and DGT stakers are rewarded with fees generated by the platform.

  • Risk management for liquidity providers is implemented through two layers. DIP divides liquidity pools into three portions, rewarding the highest yield to the portion with the highest risk. Additionally, DIP will operate a fully decentralized DAO that aims to insure the liquidity pools in case of default.

  • DIP's ecosystem is based on the idea that farmers win long-term against traders' profits. DIP aims to grow its presence by introducing new features as an exchange and working with the DIP DAO to source further liquidity and trader incentives.

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