💵DIP Token

DIP is the utility token of DIP Exchange

Token Name: DIP Token

Token Ticker: DIP

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Generation Event: August 14th 2023 7:30 PM UTC

Contract Address: 0xAdBa4694F5deAF3251d06dec38C86946F8952EFB

DIP is the utility token and the backbone of DIP Exchange. DIP provides multiple benefits within the platform and can only be earned through LP staking and trading participation.

Benefits of DIP

  • Stake to earn LP tokens. 10% of protocol revenue is rewarded to DIP stakers in LP tokens.

  • Burn to get DGT tokens through weekly dutch auction process.

  • Pay discounted fees in DIP and burn (TBD by DIP DAO)

  • Collateralize and add liquidity to place trade positions (TBD by DIP DAO)

How to earn DIP

  • Provide liquidity in any of the LP tokens, rewarding the highest yield to the portion with the highest risk (check https://app.dip.exchange/#/earn for further details).

  • Participate in the referral programs and invite new traders to the platform.

  • Trade frequently and win trading competitions.

DIP Allocation


Liquidity Providers



Trader Incentive












DIP Distribution Schedule

  • Liquidity Providers are those that provide liquidity in DIP/ETH, Snr DLP, Mezz DLP and Jnr DLP. The allocation is distributed on a daily basis across 4 years as additional incentives to the portion of trading fees earned.

  • Trader Incentive is budget set aside to incentivize traders who act as a counterparty to liquidity providers. Such reserves are expected to be spent through trade mining program, referral system and leaderboard. The allocation is unlocked across 4 years with the budget controlled by the DIP DAO.

  • DIP DAO is allocated to the DAO treasury, set aside to insure the liquidity pools in the case of default. Its DIP allocation will be auctioned through DIP ERC20 English Auction or sold to strategic investors who wish to take vested exposure in the DIP Ecosystem. All funds collected will be held in the DAO treasury and controlled by DGT stakers. The allocation is vested across 4 years on a daily basis.

  • Team allocation is set to incentivise core developers and supporters. DIP tokens are vested across 4 years on a monthly basis. Only the unlocked team allocation can be used to earn DGT.

  • Liquidity is a small allocation set aside which is fully unlocked to provide sufficient liquidity from day 1. The allocation will be fully unlocked and be provided as DIP/ETH LP on Sushiswap V3.

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