๐Ÿ’ฐDAO Treasury

The DAO Treasury is a pool of funds that is fully controlled and owned by DGT holders. The primary function of the DAO Treasury is to provide liquidity to the DIP ecosystem, specifically the DIP/ETH LP and Snr DLP.

DGT holders are the de-facto stakeholders of the entire DIP ecosystem, and they have the right to manage and access the funds in the DAO Treasury. 10% of all protocol revenues go to the DAO Treasury, which helps to continuously create value for the DAO participants.

The DAO Treasury is split into two categories:

  • Treasury Reserve: This is a reserve of DIP tokens that is filled up on a weekly basis. The Treasury Reserve is typically used for strategic investor allocations, partnership allocations, and security audits.

  • Treasury Liquid Assets: These are the protocol revenues that are added to the DAO Treasury and held in the form of Snr DLP. The Snr DLP earns yield, which is distributed to all DGT stakers.

DGT stakeholders can claim Liquid Treasury assets such as wBTC, ETH, and stablecoins. DGT holders can freely choose to surrender any and all portions of their DGT tokens against their pro-rata ownership (the surrender value) of the Treasuryโ€™s cash balance excluding DIP tokens.

Every two weeks, there is a two-day redemption window for DGT holders to redeem their DGT tokens. Once redeemed, those DGT tokens are burned.

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