👨‍⚖️For DGT Stakers

Governors of DIP

The governance token of the DAO Treasury is called DGT Token. Its purpose is to oversee and manage the DAO Treasury, aligning with DIP's objective and motto of ensuring transparency and community control.

After the launch of DIP, DGT will undergo a fair launch process. There will be no pre-mining or pre-allocation of DGT tokens. All members of the community, including the DIP team, will need to earn or purchase DGT tokens at the designated fair launch date.

There are three reward choices available:


10% of protocol revenue is rewarded to DGT stakers.

Every two weeks, a redemption window of two days is provided to DGT holders, during which they can redeem their DGT tokens in exchange for the Liquid Treasury Assets.

Exercise voting rights on DAO proposals.

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